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    Four Alabama football players arrested for robbery & credit card fraud

    A former five-star recruit for Alabama was arrested for the second time in two days and was among four freshmen, all suspended Tuesday, who face charges of second-degree robbery or credit-card fraud stemming from Monday arrests.

    Eddie Williams, who was also a safety in high school but did not play a down at his listed position as a receiver for Alabama in 2012, was first arrested Sunday on a charge of carrying a pistol without a license.

    According to a police report acquired by at least two Alabama newspapers, Williams admitted to investigators that he physically assaulted another man "and rendered him unconscious" on campus Monday morning at 3:21 CT at Bryant Hall dormitory. Williams then stole a credit card and used it for several purchases, according to police. The report said it was used at a vending machine.

    The Associated Press, citing court documents, reported linebacker Tyler Hayes, 18, also confessed to robbing the student, who was punched in the head and face and kicked in the ribs and back.

    Williams said D.J. Pettway, 20, a defensive lineman, and Hayes waited in a nearby vehicle about an hour later while he knocked out and robbed another student.

    The AP reported the first student said his Apple Macbook Pro was stolen from his backpack. Both suffered mild concussions, cuts on the face and heavy swelling and had their wallets taken, according to the documents.

    Williams and running back Brent Calloway, 20, both admitted to using a stolen credit card to buy snacks from vending machines inside a dormitory, the documents said.

    Pettway and Hayes are charged with second-degree robbery; Calloway is charged with fraudulent use of a credit card. Both were arrested Monday along with Williams, according to online records from the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office.

    The four players were suspended by Alabama on Tuesday afternoon.
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    They are suspended indefinitely or until Alabama plays someone good lol.
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    look at the mug shots. none of these guys had any business being in college. It has to stop. its not just an Alabama thing either. Its all colleges. All over the nation there are hoodrat thug criminals that are actually being brought in by the universities that are putting their own students in danger. 10% of NFL players cant read, but somehow they all went to college. Our football system is a joke. College should not be the minors for the NFL and sports should be secondary in college. you build the best team with the smart civilized people that actually deserve and earned the right to be at your college... They beat these kids up really bad. The info coming out is that it was little nerdy freshmen with bookbags and headphones on walking across campus. Witness said one of them had his entire face covered in blood and that when they picked up his broken headphones off the ground, blood poured from them because the kid was repeatedly pistol whipped. I couldnt imagine being one of the parents of those kids... This trend of gang banger thugs in college and the NFL is all of our faults. Its a society problem. We are going to pretend this is just like all the other stupid football player arrests, but we know it isnt. this is a cultural problem...and anybody who points that out will be called racist. Incidents of bar fights and DUI'S from white players will be mentioned as if they are the same. everybody will be silenced and this will disappear until it happens again...

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    The University of Alabama was negligent at least, and one of the players has an unrelated gun charge.

    -Robert Lewis

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