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Thread: A nice PC card Landy'd today

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    A nice PC card Landy'd today

    Hit this redemption in a break a few months ago, card arrived today, I'm usually not expecting much for a nice patch but I'd say Panini did quite well with this one

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    thats about as crazy of one as you could have got. its a monster. congrats
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    insane patch!
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    Thanks, I think its from the top of the A on the left side, where the swoosh starts and wraps around, I know some ppl don't care about that sorta thing but I like being able to pinpoint where the piece is from on the patch.

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    Incredible patch, pretty much as good as it gets!
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    Quote Originally Posted by slypig View Post
    I'd say Panini did quite well with this one
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    Sweet, sweet patch! Panini did you solid. Congrats!
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    Holy crap!! What an INSANE patch !!
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