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    2001 Donruss Hashmarks Set Completed

    Not sure when I started this but I have slowly (real slowly) been working on it for a while. Finally got the last one in last week. Always thought it was a hokey set but at least it was interesting. Does anyone by chance know if these were actually found in packs?

    Anyway, thanks for looking!

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    Those are pretty cool. I see they are all from Three Rivers Stadium and The Vet. So do they represent games that each of these players played at those stadiums? I didn't realize Bart Starr was still playing when Three Rivers came along. Odd that there are no Steelers in the set.

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    Not sure what criteria they laid out for the set. It seems like they were pretty loose on what the parameters were. I was pretty surprised there were no Steelers in the set either.

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    Most of those were live in packs, though others were via redemption. I know of one card that has a short grass version (was available via redemption) and that is Steve Largent. I collect Largent, so I knew of the variant. I'm not certain if other players have this variant too.

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    There was 7 or 8 in the set with the turf variation.
    Beckett cataloged it at one tme before the big change.

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    Didn't know there were any variations. Only one that seems to be like that that I have is the Payton.

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    nice, I remember pulling the Jerry Rice back in the day!

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