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    New huge Leafs/Habs pickup.. wait what, Habs?

    Got my hits in from a recent GB, finally got the Leafs at 4th in a Dominion 3 Box Mini... Only 2 Hits, but 2 AWESOME hits at that.

    First though, a nice ebay pickup (patch is from the stem of the leaf, really cool actually)

    And the 2 hits,

    Needed this one badly and was actually hoping for it before the break:

    Colborne SP RPA (Sweet Patch)

    And the first of it's kind for me, never really considered owning one. Won a scary random for it, but luckily odds were in my favor..


    All on one card

    Thanks for looking!

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    Holy Bleep. I'd be ecstatic with just the first 3 players on the left. I looooove Joseph too, and I'm slowly mellowing on Sittler & Salming, they deserved better than Harold Ballard eh?

    That is one amazing card, man.
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    A TWELVE jersey card?...insane. But what a beaut. Congrats!

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    Massive hit winning the random! Congrats on the sick addition to the Leafs PC.

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    The habs part is just geat Lol!
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    2- Montreal Canadiens Centennial auto'd (current count: 125)
    3- Brian Gionta 10-11 Panini Certified Mirror Emerald, Black and Big men jersey auto
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    Awesome pick ups. Nice booklet. If your still interested in the Leafs booklet let me know. I had a deal in place but someone bailed.

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