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    Thumbs up Email from Upperdeck! RE: Why I love National Hockey Card Day...

    RE: Why I love National Hockey Card Day...


    You've scored a free autograph card from Team Canada. Shoot me your address so we can get it out for you and thanks for your support of National Hockey Card Day!"

    I can't wait to see what they will send me!


    Drum roll...

    2012-13 Upper Deck Priority Signings Toronto Fall Expo #PSCC Casey Cizikas
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    That's awesome! Be sure to post here when you get it! What did you do to win?:)

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    Nice surprise from UD (that didn't involve cancelling product)! Can't wait to see what you get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BackstromCaps19 View Post
    What did you do to win?:)
    Sent in a picture of my boys holding up NHCD cards... The younger one was holding one oversize Crosby and the older was holding the regular size Crosby... The caption was "Because I got a bigger card then my brother!"

    So technically they won.

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    Casey Cizikas, not what I expected I was thinking a signed card from the NHCD set... (added image to original post)

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