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Thread: A few of my high enders FT

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    A few of my high enders FT

    Thanks in advance for the look. There are plenty more traders in the bucket, but here are a few of the big guns. Currently trading for my wants:

    1. Sidney Crosby Patch Autos
    2. Evgeni Malkin Cup/Dominion Patch/Autos
    3. Fleury Cup/Dominion Patch/Autos
    4. Mario Lemieux Cup/Dominion Patch/Autos
    5. Nice Trade Bait

    Not really interested in looking through buckets so please post what you have in here or PM me. Thanks!

    All cards below are either NPDTS, BV$100+ and SV 100+

    SP #/5
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    any Eberle in your bucket?

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    Smalls - No sorry, just an 12-13 SP Game Used RNH Auto.
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    Can you PM me a cash price on both of the Orr autos if you have one in mind?

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    Up to the top - Would love to get some trades done tonight!
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    I like the Orr autos and the 5 auto card, PM me for a list of high enders,Thanks

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    Sorry Doria, I didnt see anything I could use. Thanks for the reply though!

    -Capt55, shoot it to me in a PM. Thanks!
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