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    1 case of 2013 National Hockey Card auto!

    So I broke a case of NHCD like every year. Here is what I got :

    27 complete sets ( Cards 1 - 15 plus checklist )

    Plus have lots of extras if you guys need some to complete your sets.

    I am willing to sell the complete sets for $5 each plus shipping. If you are interested in purchasing one then just let me know please by PM.

    O yea and the reason for the title!!

    Comments are most welcomed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fleemur12 View Post
    Very nice auto card!
    Thank you.

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    How did you get a case of them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quirkcards View Post
    How did you get a case of them?
    From dealer at shop. Every year for past 5 years now, since 08.

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    Sick hit! Wonder what the print run would be like on one of those ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kessel_fan_87 View Post
    How much for two base sets?
    PM sent kessel!

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    Nice break, are you trading the auot or selling
    lmk what you need for it in trade

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    How do you get a case from a dealer if they are supposed to be free giveaway items?

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