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    A Mail Day on lucky 2-13-13! A vintage first included.

    I've officially started rebuilding my vintage card collection today. The 1954-55 Topps Camille Henry RC is from the LCS. Probably only about a PSA 5, but I picked it up for a great price. Also my first Topps Reserve card - Leetchie Name Plate - to go with the other Leetch patches. Note the Leetch 00-01 Pacific Revolution is missing it's serial number in the gold box below the jersey swatch. Should be #/400

    More to come tonight.

    I'm not only about Rangers. Here are some hits out of a box break of 00-01 Pacific Private Stock Hockey. The Straka and Turgeon Premier Date cards are #/60

    An unremarkable box break of 11-12 UD Ultimate Hockey.

    Added - An unremarkable box break of 2012-13 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey. Just the inserts/interesting cards.

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    That was a nice box-break sir! Louie and a gold Yzerman, yes indeedy :)

    And a nice start to the vintage PC, nothing beats the guys who played before we were born...............
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    All Keslers All The Time

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    love the 4clr dark rangers patch
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    The most unique 08-09 The Cup Limited Logos that I can get.

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    Awesome Leetch cards and the Henry RC is cool too. I really like the look of the 1954-55 Topps set. I am slowly building vintage Rangers Team Sets, but I haven't got that far back yet (I have 1959-60 Topps complete and then everything from 1966-onward).
    Most Wanted: 1998-99 O-Pee-Chee Chrome Refractor 127 Ulf Samuelsson,
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    Beautiful stuff my friend! Congrats on the nice pick ups. Those patches are really nice, Brad.
    Super Collecting Jeff Skinner
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    Hi guys. Thanks for looking and commenting!

    87sluggo - I really like the early Pacific sets. I normally do better breaking a 10+ yr old box vs a new box. Thanks for encouraging me to restart my vintage collection. I'm up to number six purchased!

    FanOfSpeed08 - From ebay. Actually received a nicer patch than the one scanned for the auction. How often do you get something unexpectedly NICER than what you expected from ebay?

    mingus_md - I'm really building the 53-54 Parkie set, but I found the Topps Henry card at my local LCS yesterday and had to have it, too. Your own vintage collection is really quite extensive...super collection!

    pensauto77 - Thanks, and glad you like the colorful patches! They're not Skinners, but I'm glad you can appreciate them for what they are. :)

    UPDATED 11/15/13: I also added scans of the non-common cards from a box break of 2012-13 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey. Nothing exceptional, but that's not expected. Just a decent break from a decent set.
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    Updated 2/17/13: 1953-54 Parkhurst Allen Stanley #64.

    I was really happy when I saw the condition of this card in-person when it arrived, to see that it wasn't "beautified" with scanner software. The only knock against it really is the centering is somewhat off.

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