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Thread: 2 Packs of Limited JUNK

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    2 Packs of Limited JUNK

    Unless you like mediocre goalies and redemptions that is...

    Pack 1:

    Base /299: Eller
    Base /49: Downie
    Trophy Winners /199: Lecavalier
    Limited Phenoms AU JSy /499: Allen
    Limited Travels /199: Anderson
    Limited Travels Prime /49: Khabibulin (2 x 2 Color Jersey's)
    Rookie Redemption: Tampa (Conacher most likely)

    Pack 2:

    Base /299: Malkin
    Captains /199: Hejduk
    Limited Duels /99: Myers
    Limited Phenoms /499: Turnbull Redemption
    Limited Jumbo Jersey /99: Kiprusoff
    Crease Cleaners Prime /25: Nabokov 3 color Jersey
    Rookie Redemption: Boston (Hamilton or Spooner)

    Absolute Junk, No autos and 2 redemptions in pack 2, 5 or my 6 hits were goalies. For $100 this is possibly the worst value ever.

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    Can you send me a pic of the scan for the Khabibulin? might be interested. And I was kind of choked with my spgu break but I have seen some great boxes. Just bad luck

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    Let me know if you want to trade the Tampa redemption, have a nice Bruins Tundra Trios jersey available.
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    Majorly collecting Steven Stamkos (853 unique cards)
    Also looking for other current Lightning players

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    You got 2 autos rookie cards in the Limited Phenoms (1 of them a redemption) plus the rookie redemption cards will be autographed. Still that break definitely is not good for $100 a pack.

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    Let me know if the Tampa and Boston redemptions are available.

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    Also interested in the Bruins redemption. Please PM if available.

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    IF Conacher and Hamilton are autos, I'd say that is fairly redeeming. If the Allen limited phenoms is available FS, pm me what you need.

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    Are the redemptions really for this Season's players? I thought 12/13 product wouldn't have them.....

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