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    1 box & 1 pack of 2012/13 Totally Certified

    Opened a box and a pack of Totally Certified, here are the results.

    Kawhi Leonard RC
    Klay Thompson RC
    Fab Melo RC
    Charles Jenkins RC

    Reds /499:
    Kevin Durant
    David Lee
    Royce White RC

    Blues /299:
    Tony Parker

    Gold /25:
    Terrel Harris RC

    Dwight Howard Red
    Alonzo Mourning Red
    Luis Scola Red

    Mike Scott Rookie Roll Call
    Jeff Taylor Rookie Roll Call
    Moe Harkless Rookie Roll Call Red /79
    Deron Williams Totally Signatures Blue /15

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    Is this product worth the $130 investment?

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    $130 no, I've been getting my boxes from between $100-$115, if you can get a box in that range then its not a bad box to bust.

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    @Lithium The totally cerified boxes are on blowout cards and dacardworld. They only sell the packs on dacardworld

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