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    Sports Card Vending Machine Ideas

    A few months ago I was browsing posts here on SCF and somebody mentioned a vending machine (large snack-style machine with several rows and columns) they either came across or remembered seeing that had various unopened sports card packs in it. This idea intrigued me as I have never seen this offered in person.

    So basically, I have an opportunity to buy a used vending machine of this style for dirt cheap and thought it would be fun to give this idea a try. The reason I'm posting here is to get ideas, suggestions, things people have seen similar to this setup including pricing & selection of cards, etc.

    One thing that concerns me is a pack of cards falling to the bottom of a machine, even from 6 inches to a foot up scares me. I'm thinking I would need to fully wrap each pack in bubble wrap for protection.

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    What I have seen is to put singles in the machine between the cardboard clamshells. Just like the way they dispense the stickers like they do now. I remember seing those when I was a kid and I remember dropping lots of quarters in those.


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    I've seen the snack-style vending machines at some of the better minor league parks and had the same thought. I don't want to buy a set and then have it plummet to its death, dinging the corner of every card in the set when it hits the bottom. It might even be as simple as adding a strip of foam or something to the bin at the bottom of the machine, so the cards have something soft to land on instead of just unyielding metal.

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    Try some memory foam or something of that sort to ease the drop on the landing.
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    Hey everybody, thanks for the ideas! Any recommendations on what type of product to put in the machine?

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    I'd say cheap junk wax across the upper rows, team lots/set below that, newer and more expensive packs as you get toward the bottom rows (so they don't have to fall as far). Maybe switch up the sports by season/time of year.

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    lol thats pretty neat^
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    my local safeway has a dropping vending machine with packs. The trick is to have a strong layer of foam at the bottom of the machine. Don't worry so much about bubble wrap, instead focus on softening the fall.

    edit: blah i shoulda read the entire thread before posting :) GUCD231 already covered this

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    In a different train of thought, I'm not sure where you planned on placing the vending machine. Most businesses will not let you put a vending machine in their store unless you are linked to a non-profit organization/charity such as the March of Dimes, Knights Of Columbus, etc. Each of those require you to "donate" a portion of your sales in exchange for the sponsorship. Some are as high as 50%. And even with the sponsorship, the business may require a portion of your sales.

    Just something to keep in mind as I researched this a couple of years ago...
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