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Thread: Luck's 2012 Contenders 1/1

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    Very Crazy indeed..there is no way this card is even worth half this much imo... hed have to break lots of records, get 3 mvps, and 3 SBs atleast JUST to maintain 1/10th of the cost here... think about it.. insert every single Championship ticket 1/1 made since they started doing them in 2003 and none of them would even get 10 grand maybe a few would get 5 grand to the right person.

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    All it takes is 2 fools and an endless supply of money :)

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    How could you even stand to put up that kind of cash knowing the odds overwhelmingly favor his failure to become a legendary player?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OpethFlames View Post
    Seriously! How can a card go for this much cash? Unbelievable! It was also pulled at the shop I go to this past Friday(Card & Coin right near Lambeau Field), and I haven't been able to get there and get my couple of boxes. Just Nasty! I have never seen a card selling for as high as this. Does anything beat this?

    Lots do. The Honus Wagner card in baseball is a million dollar plus card.
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    Doubt the card will be paid for at the price currently on eBay.

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    You have to remember people do strange things when it comes to their collections. What some of us think is crazy others think is normal and vice versa. I think that now there are egos involved and the winner can also have his 15 minutes of fame when they win the card. Atleast the seller has it in a Safe Deposit Box now. If I won the card i would be tempted to fly to pickup the card as what is another $500 for a flight on a card like that. Either way makes me want to go buy more cards.

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    I don't like to criticize others' purchasing/collection preferences, but I don't get dropping that much for a card that is not much aesthetically different from the /99 version which looks like it could be had for 2% or so of what the final price is likely to be.

    Not to mention, the bottom edge looked a little rough too. It is a one-of-a-kind collectible for sure, but I can't see it going for more than $10K if sold a few years from now (even assuming Luck's performance meets expectations).

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    I'm pretty sure a graded 10 bgs Gretzky rc in hockey pop 1 sold for 94,000 last year. And a blake griffin exquisite logo patch 1/1 sold for like 96,000 a few years back and both were paid for

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    If the winning bidder ends up paying, he's an idiot. Heck, if he has no intention of paying for it, he's still an idiot for doing a childish thing like driving a bid price up.

    Edit: At least the winning bidder will get $100 in eBay bucks. Big time stuff right there.
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    Up to $32,000+ now with 5 days left to go on the auction
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