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    Massacred a box of 12-13 Black Diamond

    Stopped at da'shop, normally I stand there and try to figure what I need but today just said " Black Diamond "
    All in all I thought with the first 3 packs I was gonna end up with junk but boy did that change.
    Anyhow here's the list of stuff, and 3 scans for your enjoyment

    #109 Rinne
    #121 Eberle
    #133 Benn
    #136 Nugent-Hopkins
    #145 Hextall
    #148 Ranford

    #159 Beliveau
    #166 Broten Nice to see him on a card other than OPC
    #171 Giroux

    Triple Diamond Gems
    #179 Krug
    #184 Connolly
    #191 Robak

    Pack of Ice
    #4 Iginla
    #6 Benn
    #14 Tavares
    #19 Malkin
    #33 Zucker #'d 282/999

    Now for the scans.... Quads and Ruby's are here

    Ribiero #'d 88/100
    Turnbull #'d 13/100

    Even got a Stamkos jersey... 2 colours

    Not bad and then I crack this pack open and BANG
    Myers #'d 2/5

    Was there thinking welll I got something with a print run under 100 so I am happy.
    Then I worked it down to the last pack and thought to myself, all base I know it... apparently I don't know that much lol

    It's a nice card to say the least

    Happy V-day to me cause I massacred this box today
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    Yea you did! Nicely done!
    Carey Price fan and collector!
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    nice break I would say
    I am interested in the lemieux quad

    lmk what your lookinf for in trade
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