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    eBay + Trades + Box of H&P = Success!

    Sorry, I may be wrong, I failed Algebra last year. :S I've been swamped in school, but found an hour of break to write this thread up. I have bought some nice cards on eBay (A couple of which I posted in the last thread, but I'll just skip to my favorite first:

    Picked this up for $13.50 Shipped, and I mus say the patch (and little thread sticking out of the fight strap) look beautiful!

    So, with all of the rehauling of photobucket and the great swarm of cards that have been gracing my shelf, I can't keep up, and have missed images of a few cards. However, I have made quite a few trades, one of which was with the friendly Hockeystud223. Forgot to snap a couple pics of my end, but ended up getting Young Guns for Voynov, Blum, and Hartikinain (Pardon my spelling, you know who I'm talking about). Three great players to have rookies of, very happy with my end, thanks again!

    Also made a trade with Devils304, who I offered my Elias Genuine Letters card /5 for some paypal. I did not get the paypal I originally asked for (Though I still did get some added into the deal), but rather I received a small payment and this beauty who's face bestows the Group Break Hall of Fame:

    Huge thanks once again, love the card! Also got a little Valentine's Day gift from my adorable girlfriend. She sent me these from her little stack of cards:

    Thank you dear! Glad I get to spend Valentine's Day with you!

    Now, onto my box of 12/13 Heroes and Prospects. Ordered it from Dave and Adam's, so I getz free stuff! Picked out some packs of Victory, won't waste your time showing you the little stuff (unless you wanna look, then check out my bucket). Here are a couple decent hits:

    Hey, I won't argue with a free Henrique! :)

    Anyways, box time!

    Ok, so average hits right now. Well I'm halfway through the box and this is my haul along with some inserts (Forsberg 3D, Hamilton SSS Insert, pics of inserts in my bucket). I'm starting to get worried, until I pull this beauty:

    MacKaw! The Draft Bird flew in and dropped me off a pretty great hit! So, I feel better after that. A few packs later, why not?

    I'd say that was a rather successful box, no? Base and points (15 I believe) are both available as well, have almost the whole set now so if you need any of the set PM me the numbers and I'll let you know what I've got. So quite a show for such a small amount of cards.

    Anyways, thanks for reading, comments read with love!

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    Great box! Make sure to enter your fave H&P hit into our contest!
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