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    Mounting Autographed Cards on Walls or in frames….

    Heys guys,

    I have been wanting to either frame my autographed cards or mount them in some way on my walls of my office room for display. HAs anyone done this or know of a good way to do it?

    Thanks, Dave

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    Michaels sells a card case.......I assume that's the link above. Always on sale.....if it's not on sale just wait a lil bit!

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    You can mat it and frame it on an 4x6 or an 8x10. It looks very nice framed and matted!

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    Thanks Captain! I am def going to try both of those!

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    Are you guys ever worried about the card frames not having UV protection? I'd like to put some of my autos in one but I'm afraid the signatures will fade over time.

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    BCW makes 2 card screwdowns that I put an autographed card in with the players rookie card. I then put hang tabs on the back and mount it on my walls. BCW also makes a 6 and 9 card screwdown that looks awesome.

    I am a BCW Direct Dealer if you need wholesale pricing.

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    Be very cautious of displaying them in direct sunlight. The sigs do break down over time. I have lost a couple nice pieces over the years because of this.

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    I scan and print on photopaper. Have hundreds of autos on my walls. None are real. All the real stuff is in the safe.

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