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    High End I've had too long, Let's make a deal today! Autos - Pujols, Elway Autos ++

    Title says it all.
    I've had these cards for way too long and I want some new stuff to look at.
    If interested, leave high end offers or buckets with high end. I lean towards hall of fame autos over current players but let's see what kind of offers I get regardless.
    Please stick to the cards in this thread only, I'm looking to make some trades on them first and foremost.

    Albert Pujols 2003 Topps On Card Autograph SP $250bv
    John Elway 2001 Donruss Classics On Card Autograph /50 $200bv
    Justin Upton 2006 Bowman Chrome Rc Refractor Autograph not sure what this one is worth sorry
    Peyton Manning 1998 Score Rookie Buyback Autograph $200 cash value (no book)
    Steven Jackson 2004 UD Premiere Rc Autograph Super Short Print /10 - no book cheapest one listed up on ebay is $400, make offers.

    Scans are up on my website here:

    I'm just trying to get rid of some stuff that I've had for a while and I'm tired of looking at, I'm sure all of you can relate.
    Thanks and lets trade!


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    interested in the Upton ref auto if you like anything

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    i like the pujols

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    also interested in the upton, PM me if you see anything you like. can add paypal as well

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    buying/trading for Andrew Luck topps chrome rc's. pm me if you have any available

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    check me for upton, pm if interested, thanks

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    I'd have interest in the Pujols, Elway, and Manning (only if its authenticated). PM ME if you see something you like. Thanks! -Ken
    My High End (player folders to the side): Hidden Content

    Wants:P.Manning/Luck/M.Cabrera/Pujols/Kris Bryant/Trout/Lebron/MJ/Kobe, Denver Teams & HOF HIGH END.

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    dooda - nothing i was after

    I sent PM's to the rest of you guys.
    Anyone else?

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    I like the Justin Upton
    Looking for On card autos. Bowman Chrome, Ultimate Collection, SPA, etc. Collection:Hidden Content
    My Bucket is 95 percent auto rcs, Im sorry if i dont respond, i get busy and get sidetracked. Sometimes dont respond because I am not interested. Please dont say cmb when you dont have anything of similar value. Its really frustrating. Be realistic.

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    Rudeboy - I love the Durant Rc autos and could add to the Upton, or I like the Curry exquisite. let me know what you think one way or the other

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    Ill take a shot at the Upton.

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    Check out my COMC even if you do not use it. I can have cards shipped.
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    Shipping can take up towards 10 days due to me being out of the country.

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