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    The SUPREME Josh Gorges Show & Tell!

    2012-13 SP Game Used will be fondly remembered by me for having some of the best-looking Gorges cards ever made. This one release has upped the ante big time and I like to think that I've stepped up to the challenge. Let's begin!

    Here's a couple with P.K. - why Therrien doesn't have them paired up on the blue line like the Habs did last year escapes me.

    What's better than a dual? The real duel and the real rivalry, IMO.

    I could really do without half of that card. Seriously, could they have picked three uglier Bruins? Well, Marchand I guess, but at whose expense (besides mine)?

    It is for that reason that I like this one way more.

    Look at all those pretty Habs colours!

    Then we get this one - I had seen a post on Twitter several months ago indicating that UD had FINALLY got a new autograph deal with Josh. For those who don't know, he hasn't had a true autograph card made since 2006-07. There was an 07-08 Trilogy Scripts, yes, but they used up the remainder of their autograph stickers from his San Jose days, so the cards have the JG6 auto. And then they didn't get a new deal for him so his 07-08 SPGU SIGnificance never got made. Here we are though, five years later and we're getting Gorges autographs again!

    And finally, we come to this. Quite likely the absolute most gorgeous Gorges card ever produced. It is even better in person. You get all the Habs colours on a fantastic emblem piece that has more breaks than you'll see on just about any possible cut job. Huge thanks to Chris for getting this for me for a great price.

    And that's what I've got so far - I'm scared about the prospects of the Fives & Sixes Patches and their cost! haha
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    I love those Supreme patches!
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    Huge additions to the PC Richard. Glad I could help with the Supreme
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    No doubt the prospects of the cost of the Fives & Sixes Patches are intimidating!

    That Supreme Patches card is artwork.
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    Insane additions to the PC Richard! Does his cards sells well or not ? He's with the Habs so must sell well but at the same time he seems to not have many fans in the hobby.

    Congrats on these awesome additions, they are gorgeous, especially the Supreme and the Significant Numbers!!
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    There have been a few of these that have gone for quite a bit higher than I would have expected. I think it's because these are his first UD cards that go beyond base/parallels in a very long time that there is a bit of heightened interest in them. He is certainly a more visible player now than he has been in the past, so there has actually been some competition for me on a couple of the cards. Granted, some of that may be Price/Subban collectors as well. LOL
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    Amazing Gorges adds! The Surpreme patch looks so great! Congrats for the really sweet additions to your PC :D
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