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    Good, hard-nosed opinions needed ...

    Alright guys, best way I could figure to organize and display my collection is to create a web site with that stuff on it. It also affords me the opportunity to enjoy some of my other hobbies on the net. Anyway, I've been putting some work into it and I'm enjoying the builder. Was hoping some of you guys could take five or ten minutes and go browse around. Then, come back here and give me some hard-nosed honest opinions.

    The whole site is still a work in progress, and there's still plenty more that I need to add, but I just got started on it, and before I move any further, I want some opinions from you guys.



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    I think it looks awesome...but then again, I'm not the critical type.

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    I really like the site. The scrolling feature is really cool. Well done.

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    Very nice!

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    I LOVE the way you're able to breeze through the cards and get a closer look at them with a simple click. Then, when you're done with your inspection, simply closing the screen brings your right back to where you were, instantly. Photobucket offers the same functionality, but it's MUCH slower than the speed at which your site runs.

    By the way, your collection of fighter photos is easily the best I have ever seen. Is there anyone you haven't met????

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