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Thread: Jason Zucker Mail day

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    Jason Zucker Mail day

    Well I started collecting him as I like his style of play. and I got to watch him in collage.

    I am only going to go after the cards I like the look of. So this is what I have so far that I like

    I was able to complete this name plate in 1 day. Thanks to everyone that helped. If anyone can make these all into one name plate I would greatly appreciate it. I have no clue how to do it

    Than I got this. I might have over paid but I think these will be very hard to find in a year or so. I might send it in to get graded as it's that nice

    Than I got this Brian Rolston patch card. It's for the wifes collection. She is madly in love with Rolston. I'm always in the market for rare Brian Rolston cards in a wild jersey would be nice but will take what I can get

    Goes well with the other Patch card of his she has

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    Awesome nameplate dude! I have fallen in love with the Letters/Numbers/Trophy and now Draft Day Marks from SPGU. Although they kill me every year due to price. All the Skinners are /10 so they are expensvie!LOL But man do they look pretty all lined up like that! Congrats man, Brad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HammerHawks View Post
    Sweet stuff! And here ya go!

    Thanks so much for putting the name plate all together

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    Those Draft Day Marks look great, congrats on completing that set! Quite a feat for any collector.


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