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    Looking for Vintage Topps, pre-1987, will trade anything but PC

    I am looking for a bunch of cards from 1987 and earlier. I will not buy, but will trade game used, rookies, and autos

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    i've got a ton. just bought a huge lot. i'm trading palantri what he needs, but whatever is left you can have at if you want.

    a couple off the top of my head are...

    82 montana
    82 taylor IA
    73 spurrier
    72 hendricks rc
    i have the entire 87 set which might be available as well as 85 (all but one card) and a good amount of 80 and 82.

    i can't get your page to work, but if that interests you, lmk.

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    I am indeed interested, my trade list is pretty updated if you can't get the link to work

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    nick - your list still isn't working for me. maybe you could send it to me on email or pm. email is

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    Just click on the link to the left if the website isnt working, "view my trade list"

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    what was i looking at last time we were talking trade? do you remember? i'm not sure if i'm missing it on your list or if it just isn't there.

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    no idea what it was, havent been tradin for a while

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