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    Opinions Wanted on What you would buy

    Hello Guys , I am considering buying a case from my busting pleasure and just looking to see what you guys would do . This is 90 % for fun , but would like to consider some return factored in the decision . The only thing i asked is if you have an extreme biased towards one manufacture or another please pass on commenting . Anyway onto the options i have been looking at .

    2011-12 ITG BETWEEN THE PIPES Hockey Factory Sealed Hobby (10Box ) Case 659.00
    I do like goalies , some possible nice mem cards , but a lot of no name auto's

    2011-12 ITG Canada vs The World Hockey F/Sealed Hobby (10Box) Case 834.00
    Some nice mem and auto's to be had

    2011-12 ITG ENFORCERS HOCKEY Factory Sealed Hobby (14Box) Case 724.00
    Not to sure about this one , but some rare hits to be had

    2011-12 Panini CONTENDERS NHL Hockey Factory Sealed Hobby (14Box) Case 874.00
    Hard Signed auto's and patchs are good

    2011-12 Panini Rookie Anthology NHL Hockey Factory Sealed Hobby (12Box) Case 839.00
    Interesting variety of hits

    Considering this one , cause i am more into retired players

    7) Any suggestion under or slightly over the 1000.00 mark

    Thanks , Look forward to see what you guys think

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    First choice if i were you would be the Parkhurst since it seems you like the older players. If however you decide to go with a more modern product I'd go with Contenders, Hard Signed Autos and just a fun break overall. Good luck busting whichever you end up choosing :)

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    I've always loved Between the Pipes.. but I completely understand what you mean about no name autos. Big risk, potentially bigger reward. The past year I've come to love the Rookie Anthology set. I've only ever bought it by the pack, but there is some very good potential in every box you'll open and I think you'd enjoy breaking a case of that. Same goes for Contenders.. but you'll be opening a lot of just base packs. Of course that might make the packs with hits in them that much more exciting. I don't know much about Parkhurst, but that could always be a fun break as well. If I was to choose from any of the following 6 cases it would probably be rookie treasures. I love the idea of potentially pulling a Landeskog or Nugent-Hopkins Luxury Suite or Rookie Treasures card.
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    I'd go Between the Pipes but then again I collect Goalies but Contenders would be my second choice.

    Maybe pre-order some Motown Madness? Even if you aren't a Wings fan you should pull some nice hits that could probably bring in some nice coin as I'm sure there will be several Detroit fans doing auto and maybe GU sets.

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    I gotta say contenders, simply because I love the look of the patch autos. I am very bias though haha

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    Thanks for the responses so far guys , would love to hear some more thoughts

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    I would go with Parkhurst Champions. Big name autos in that set with some gorgeous cards and all hard signed!

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    Champions would be my first choice if I was really into retired players. Champions is a beautiful set, and there are still a ton of collectors chasing short printed autos from that set. My second choice would be Contenders.

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    I agree with what other people said about Parkhurst. I am more into retired players myself, and the hard signed autos look great.

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    Contenders I opened a case for Christmas and loved it. The cards are beautiful not many redemptions and nice value in return.
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