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Thread: Amazing retail pull

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    Amazing retail pull

    So for valentines day my fiance bought me some rack packs of magic from wal mart, opened the first two racks and got a andrew luck mini, a trent richardson mini, and an rgiii rookie. I figured that would be that ok nothing great but in the last rack pack in the last pack i opened i was going through the cards quick when i saw this

    Defiantely the best pull ive ever had and from retail too

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    Do you guys know if its sp? I couldn find any earlier active or sold on ebay

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    I would imagine it's an sp,Congrats on an unbelievable retail hit.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

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    I went through the last pack pretty wuick so saw the ink and who it was and was extra surprised

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    congrats! That must feel so good, Enjoy the pull!

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    Congratulations on the Andrew Luck autograph. Oh, how I would love to pull that card for my set. However, it is my understanding that only the autographs above #220 are SP, but I would not be upset considering that Colin Kaepernick is the top autograph SP. Andrew Luck's autograph is by far the best one in the set. IMO...

    -Robert Lewis

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    See the sp list for everything is above 220 but in 13 packs i pulled 6 and 2 mini sps and ive seen more kaepernicks then any other auto so far so im wondering why topps bothered calling these cards sp pulled another 6 or so from 3 rack packs today

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    I know it does not sound right to me either. I pulled a Russell Wilson base autograph, but my Sean Lee autograph is a SP. At the time there had only been one Russell Wilson autograph listed on eBay, but over 10 Colin Kapernick SP autographs had been listed.

    -Robert Lewis

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