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Thread: My assumption is....

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    My assumption is....

    the 2004 redemption for autograph card numbered to 150 from Fleer Ultra is no longer valid? It has no expiration date but would UD honor it?

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    lol, try it, say there is no expiration date...shoot they prolly got it sitting round, couldnt hurt.
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    No since Upper Deck just bought out the company (the naming rights really) and that Fleer went out of business a short time after 2004. It was kinda a scam by Fleer because they knew that they were on shaky financial ground so they loaded up their products with redemptions and touted them being "able to be redeemed forever". They knew that they wouldn't make a couple years so they wouldn't have to honor those cards so it didn't matter when they expired since they would cease to exist and not have to fulfill them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marinocollector View Post
    LOL. Who was the auto of?
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    Sorry to hear about the redemption, wasn't quite sure what happened to Fleer besides them getting bought by Upper Deck!

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    yeah 2004 fleer products are loaded with redemptions no doubt.. I still have a JP Losman auto redemption /10 and Mcnabb Auto /25 it sure sucks but atleast something happend to them .. Topps just doesnt honor old redemptions period which imo is even worse... you buy a box of cards that says 3 autos you should get 3 autos.

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