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    Question:Lafleur07-08 O-pee-chee buyback with the habs

    Hi!I acquired this card a little while ago and i have been looking at ebay listing ever sice.There are alot of Lafleur 89-90 O-pee-chee buybacks with the Rangers but i did not see any other version listed.Does anyone know if there is a checklist somewhere with the print runs?


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    Hopefully you find one! Seems to be a mystery
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    I have never seen a checklist with details as to which years the buyback cards were. I know for Ron Duguay, there were buybacks from several different years.
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    I know for Lanny Mcdonald i have seen mutiple cads for his buybacks as i have for kurri which i have 2 different krri bybacks now. So far as i know there was no list given for 07-08 or 08-09

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