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Thread: Two Boxes of 12-13 Limited

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    I haven't seen much of anything good come out of Limited! Glad I have skipped buying this product.


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    I've had a soft spot for Limited since I pulled the Ovechkin Manufacturers Mark last year. I'm giving 12-13 one more shot and then I'm done!

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    I guess I would trade you for the Miller Parallel...not much...if you wanna try to work out other stuff, let me know. Always looking for tradebait. CMB and LMK via PM

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    interesting that you pulled a jake allend phenoms redeption, I pulled a live one today. wonder why there would be redemptions.

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    Interested in the two rookie redemptions

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    Interested in the Miller gold if it is still available. PLMK either way
    I collect baseball base sets, Ryan Miller in Hockey

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