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    High end SEGUIN RCs f/t. Ultimate, SPA, SPX..

    Hi all. I am looking to move these out and shake things up a bit.

    The other SPA patches are available as well. The Skinner is 2 clr. Hard to see but there is a strip of grey and its hard to explain but the black is two different shades/textures. The Seguin is also three colours if you want to be "technical" There is a sliver of yellow running between the black and white and a little at the bottom as well. Its hard to see in the scan but its there.

    I am looking for Yzerman and Howe (autos/patches/jerseys of these guys only) Gretzky UD (autos/jerseys/patches), Stamkos RCs, nice Cup trade bait pieces (Crosby, Eberle, HOFers, ect)

    Also putting these out there as they are doubles....

    Thanks for the look, Doug.
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    Hey Doug, still interested in the UD Ultimate Seguin.

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    pcmb for the eberle fwa, seguin fwa, seguin ult
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    I trade/buy/sell by MV, while respecting YV (my value, your value) thank you.
    Collecting Stamkos, Toews, Crosby, Tavares Rookies

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    hi there

    interested in any of the rookies lmk if u like anything from my photobucket.

    thanks johnnaseri

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    check out my stuff!
    Check out my bucket (will be updated soon)
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    Check out my Trade List (newly updated THE CUP, SPA and ULTIMATE lists!)
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    Check Out My needs: Hidden Content (Newly Updated!)

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    Trade the Red Wings Classic Signatures for a Sawchuk game used jersey 4/5 graded 9 card?sawchuk.jpg

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    Everyone should have a pm. If you didnt get one it is because I just didnt see anything that wasnt marked as "PC" in your tradelist/photobucket or had nothing that I was interested in. Thanks for the interest though.

    Bump it up. All still available.
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    Any interest in this one

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    If you initiate the trade it will be your responsibility to initiate the transaction post!!

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