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Thread: Rough box of 12-13 SPGU

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    Rough box of 12-13 SPGU

    A defenceman filled box of SPGU... too bad there's only about $30 worth of cards here. Win some yeh lose some:

    Team Canada Fabrics: Dan Boyle
    Team Canada Fabrics: Scott Niedermayer
    Team Canada Fabrics: Colten Teubert
    Rookie Auto: Tyson Barrie
    Fight Strap #/15: Zdeno Chara

    Would have been at least an average break had they not done a fight strap parallel of every jersey card.. kind of dilutes the market on a hit that wasn't the most popular to begin with.

    All available if yeh need 'em
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    Depending on what you paid for the box with tax it could be a brutal break.
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    Exact same hits I got in mine (different players) but I was chapped too
    Players - Selanne, Scheifele, and PRIME COLORS
    Rookie Year - Ehlers, Laine
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    Yeah at $145 all-in I was pretty bummed. Colten Teubert shouldn't be in a product at +- $30 a pack. Especially with such a weak rookie class.

    I just know to avoid it in the future.
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    The Chara fight strap is not bad i'm sure you can turn that into something good

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