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    Tips for graphing the A's and Dodgers?

    Im making my second leg of the trip down to Arizona to practices and Im graphing the A's and the Dodgers for about a week any suggestions? and does anyone know if they practice on Sundays??

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    Camelback ranch is already pretty crowded, with mostly dealers right now. Expect crowds to really swell once games start. What week will you be there? Have you been to the Ranch before? If not you should find the main area pretty easily where the Dodgers players come and go as they have the route roped off and all the other autograph seekers are there. I went on wednesday and the players don't stop to sign until practice is more or less over and they are coming back through the lines, anywhere from 11:30 to 12:30 depending on who it is. Note this advice may no longer be valid as they start full workouts with all position players tomorrow. If you are coming once the games start you can also get auto inside the games along the 3rd base line before the game as players come out and during the game as the starters go back to the clubhouse after their couple of innings played.

    Basically, follow the crowds and you'll be fine.
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    I've heard the Dodgers have been swamped and getting autos is like being in a mosh pit. A few guys on another site have jumped ship to another facility FYI.

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    The A's are not too crowded. All teams practice on Sundays.

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    Thanks for the information guys! I may jump ship to if it is to crowded there.
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