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Thread: Two boxes of 12-13 Limited

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    Two boxes of 12-13 Limited

    So the wife and I told ourselves we wouldn't touch any Limited this year but in spirit of Valentine's Day we splurged and bought two boxes. Based on what we've seen cracked so far, I guess we didn't do too bad. lol Everything is FS. Shoot me a pm if interested in anything.

    Thanks for the look!

    This card is super first glance I thought it was a shield.

    Geno Auto #/49

    And there you have it...
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    wow, really nice breaks! congrats! Those trophy cards look neat

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    Thanks guys! The Leclair auto has been sold. Everything else is still available. :)
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    Not a bad looking break. At least you only got one redemption of a player that you already know.
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    Pretty decent break, blows mine out of the water!

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    Furious - I believe the Geno is #/49
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