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Thread: Vintage Parkhurst Canadiens FT

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    Vintage Parkhurst Canadiens FT

    Looking for best offers.

    I got a couple EX-MT+ Habs Parkhurst cards in the mail today. They are FT.

    1957 Bert Olmstead and 1962 Don Marshall

    Images are in my mail day thread
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    What are you looking for them.

    Cheers Mike
    hi all

    Looking for auto's of retired players first and their rookie cards.All other auto's I don't have come after that.Also collect the YG's from each year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by debtriddin View Post
    What are you looking for them.

    Cheers Mike
    Leafs, or guys from this list:

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    You player want list is huge, I have 378 leafs listed here:

    I also have many cards from each of your players in the want list.
    Just type a player's name in the top left box to see the card for a given player.

    I have over 4,000 traders with image (insert, RC, Serial and Memorabilia)

    I also have 1970-80's leaf but they wont list under the leaf link on top as if I do not have a scan (and I don't for these years) I can't set the team.
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    I collect all Montreal Canadien. Hidden Content for player, teams you collect

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    I sent you a reply listing what I have. Please check you inbox and LMK. Thanks

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    can use them if they are still available, please cmb

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayT_59 View Post
    PMs sent to all.
    Please resend my PM. Thanks

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