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    Cool Looking for mid-high end Michael Jordan cards

    I am fairly new to this forum and have made a few great purchases. I am still looking to further my Michael Jordan collection. Anyone that has any for sell, please let me take a look at what you have. I am also interested in Kobe Bryant and Lebron James as well. But mostly Jordans. once I become satisfied with my Jordan wants, I will move on to add to my Kobe Collection.

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    You can check my bucket. I have some of all 3 players. Let me know if interested in any of them.

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    Please pm me if you have any interest in a Jordan\James 09-10 upper deck dual materials. You could add to both guys at once. Thanks Bryce.
    I ship once a week on Monday or Tuesday and only can check my mail once a week to confirm trades have been received. Please pm me if interested in seeing my FB and BB trade lists.

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