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    Sweet Trade Went Down at the LCS Today!

    Had a sweet time at Players Choice here in Kelowna this afternoon - they've been asking a while now about some of the Price stuff I have so I brought in a couple autos & GU's today along with some Cammalleri cards (one of their regulars collects him, who knew?) and we set about putting together a pretty fair-sized deal. In all I parted with some nice stuff but I got these five in return - the first two are for trade, the last three decidedly are not. :)

    A nice Sid The Kid GU:

    Pretty cool two-colour Ovy patch from Superlative:

    Like I said, these two are available for trade if anybody should be interested in such things.

    Now for the PC stuff...

    A very cool (yellow background aside, though I guess that's somewhat appropriate given his nickname) Robinson auto:

    Very rarely does one see these cards. Trilogy had some cool aspects to it despite its cancellation, and if it were ever to return I'd be a strong advocate for bringing back the "tiered" Scripts set and SSP'ing the heck out of the legends.

    And then we have these two of the greatest goaltender in NHL history...

    Again with the Trilogy, too. One of the last card sets that UD produced that actually uses Canadiens memorabilia in it.

    These guys, of course, have all sorts of Roy memorabilia, and this particular one comes from the 1994 All Star Game:

    I kinda went back and forth between the Roy GU's and a cool Subban SOTT - it was the dual PK with a Habs & Team Canada auto. Ultimately, I think this was the more solid decision.

    Thanks again to Players Choice for the great swap - they really are the best in the biz!
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    Love that 07-08 Trilogy Script 3 Robinson card! I like the idea of bringing back the Script sets. Maybe make the legends higher tiered and increasingly exclusive.

    That's pretty cool that you still have the opportunity to do trades in person. If it weren't for SCF, I wouldn't be able to trade at all, even online.

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