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    Question Is this the greatest hockey patch card of all time?

    Not so much the best player but the best looking patch? If not post a better looking patch. Also I'm guessing the seller lost some cash by putting Dave MANDON in the title instead of Dave Manson.
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    That's an awesome patch, but I like this one better:

    But then again, I AM biased so...

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    That Manson has more colors than the probert. But both are 147% awesome lol

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    tough to beat that. ITG are the masters of GU stuff
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    Than Manson is gorgeous! Off the top of my head I can't call it the best, but it's definately of the nicest I've seen.
    #1: Barrasso
    Others: Lemieux, Penguins cards that look good to me
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    "Charlie" Manson was as tough as they come, and many will also remember him as the player who lost his voice after being hit in the throat by a slapshot.

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    This my card here. It is not a patch but a pad card. I think it may be in the runnings for one of the coolest pad pieces.

    Theodore Ultimate jumbo pad 1/1 $250 by habscards, on Flickr

    (yes it is FT/FS is anyone is interested)
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