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    Box of contenders and a packs of prime, strata and sterling.

    Nothing but a Weeden RC

    Mohamed sanu RC /250
    Dwayne Allen triple relic (1 white and 2 blue)/194

    Chris Polk RC
    Kendall wright RC
    Ryan tannehill RC refractor /75
    Brandon weeden jersey
    Dan Herron auto


    Rookie stallions
    Kendall wright
    Ronnie hillman
    Nick perry

    MVP contenders
    lesean mccoy
    Peyton manning
    Adrian Peterson

    Rookie of the year contenders
    Ryan tannehill
    Bernard pierce
    Kendall wright
    Vantaze burfict /100

    Legendary champions
    Deion branch
    Tom Brady
    Emmitt smith

    Miles Burris
    Kevin zeitler /99
    Coty sensabaugh
    Richard Matthews
    Devier posey rookie tickets rps redemption
    Lamar miller on card

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    Not a great day but its always fun. Better luck next time.

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    Yeah, you win some you lose some. I wish I had gotten into group breaks instead lol

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    I dont always bust boxes but when I do I choose the dud boxes lol.

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    Definitely me, I've pulled 3 posey autos in my last 3 store visits.

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    I knew it was bad but I thought someone might want some of it.

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