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    Does anyone know what these two cards should be valued at

    Before im able to trade these two cards-im trying to find out about (ABOUT) how much there each worth first-I just want to make sure im overpricing the card-for when i go to trade any of these-Yes-there both short printed cards-There both marked 1/1 One of One-Can not get any shorter than that-

    2005 Fleer Showcase Masterpiece Showpiece-Bill Skowron #114
    And its Serial numberd 1/1 in purple-on the back of the card-This is a Game Worn two colored patch card-And Bill is shown in his New York Yankees uniform

    2004 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Catfish Hunter Card #18 This card is serial numberd #1/1 on the front lower right hand side-And has a piece of his jersey card inside the card

    Havent really thought about trading these-But maby would for the right offer-
    My biggest importance at this time-Is just the pricing-Thank You

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    You can guage an approx value by looking up Ebay or other completed sales on similar cards from the set(s).
    Also take the players hobby status into consideration.

    Nice cards

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    Pricing On Cards

    Thanks for the info-But there was none of them listed-So i guess i will post them, sometime and see what i will get offerd

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