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    need a few more 2012 topps & chromes & score

    I need the following:
    2012 Chrome:
    41 Greg Childs Vikings RC - x-fractor
    73 Jimmy Graham Saints - x-fractor,
    109- Ryan Tannehill RC - orange refractor
    Jaruis Wright auto
    2012 topps:
    #417 Chad Greenway (camo or black)
    1965 TALLBOY ... Joe Flacco
    2012 Score base cards: 302 A.Jeffery, 361 & 396 (packers, need both), 390 G.Childs.
    2012 Score in the zone: #21 Greg Jennings.
    2012 Score numbers game: #11 Aaron Rodgers.
    2012 Score hot rcs: #9 A.J.Jenkins

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    Quite the small list compared to my first visit here. Help me knock these off, please. I am a seller, not a collector, and I need to wrap up as many as I can in 1 shot. Tell me what you like, I dont have much left to trade, but I will find something. If you are looking to fill sets, the only thing I have a real good selection of is chrome orange refractors, and team sets. I am better supplied to trade with a team collector than I am to trade with a set builder.

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