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Thread: Some new custom sets!

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    Some new custom sets!

    Got a bit of everything in this weeks show & tell

    Home ice autos

    Large View:

    The Walking Dead!

    Large View:

    Sons Of Anarchy

    Large View:

    Team Set (Preview of Pens, can make any team though)

    Large View:


    Large View:

    Homefield Autographs

    Large View:

    Large View:

    Base Set

    Large view:

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    I'm a hockey guy myself, but those home ice customs look worthy of a professional company. Kudos!


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    Amazing customs as always! Congrats :D
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    I like the Homeice Autographs as well! Nice customs for sure, thanks for sharing.


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    Thanks guys, oh and i finally got around to adding a large image of the cards so you can see them better and added my newest set. Its the original 6

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