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Thread: 100 for 2013! Success Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizard-jd View Post
    Nice Andy Murray!
    Thanks! My favorite success so far this month!

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    Did you get the Adrian Peterson via the mail, or did you purchase it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilmezzy View Post
    Did you get the Adrian Peterson via the mail, or did you purchase it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudickulous View Post
    Did you get Murray via TTM?
    Yup, sent it to his house in UK. I sent an LOR and a picture, my item was returned unsigned with his own signed Adidas Promo
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    -One of my best successes! Signed my picture and wrote me a nice letter! Johnny is one of most exciting college quarterbacks I have ever seen. I love how the picture turned out and he was kind enough to switch to a silver marker on the picture which makes the signature look awesome in silver. Great success from Johnny Football!

    Austin Meadows 2/2 (High School)
    -Austin is the #1 ranked high school baseball player in the country. Currently, he is committed to play baseball at Clemson next fall. He also answered my questions and I can't to see him play in the Majors if he decides to forgo college.

    Curtis Granderson 1/1 (New York Yankees)
    -Curtis is one of my favorite Yankees and he hits well in the lineup in 3-4-5 spot. Although I wish we could have advance further in the playoffs, I know that we will rebound this season. An awesome success from a great outfielder!
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    Can't to get home and take a good look for myself. I am at ST right now so I asked my mom to open all my mail...Awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockiesFan33 View Post
    Nice Manziel success!
    Thanks! I see that on Startiger you also sent to him, I hope you also get a return soon!

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