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Thread: 100 for 2013! Success Thread

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    Here is my spring training list
    Mariano Rivera
    Felix Hernandez
    C.C. Sabathia
    David Wright
    Mariano Rivera
    Anthony Rizzo
    Curtis Granderson
    Mariano Rivera
    Mariano Rivera
    Mariano Rivera
    Bubba Starling
    C.J. Wilson
    Dylan Bundy
    Christian Yelich
    Taijuan Walker
    Jameson Taillon
    Mariano Rivera
    Kevin Gausman
    Will Middlebrooks
    Mike Zunino

    Success Rate as of March 6th 2013, 1/20 or 5%
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    I am 1 for 20 in my ST requests so I am looking to get some more rolling in. Today is my birthday! I got a great early birthday present yesterday from Johnny Football so that was pretty cool!

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    My february success rate has 20 authentic successes, 2 RTS, 1 Pre Print.
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    Got home from ST with a couple of nice ST successes. No mail on my birthday today but the glow Johnny Football, Grandy, and Austin Meadows success will last me a few days haha. Also sent off to Wayne Rooney via home. Hoping to get a success from my 2nd favorite Man United to RVP of course :)

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    2013 year rate so far: 10/48 with 5 Pre Prints/RTS. This puts me at about 21%. This doesn't account for the requests that I sent off in 2012 that have came back in 2013. I had 15 successes in January and 20 in February which is an average of 18 successes a month so if this rate continues, it should be able to reach my goal by July but these number are accounted with trades and purchases so that throws off the number a bit because I usually don't have a lot of trades or purchases. I started TTMing in June of 2012 and in the 6 month period, I sent out 76 TTM requests. In just 3 months of 2013, I sent off 48 requests so I will probably reach 76 requests before the summer. I might be moving soon...I hope not but you never know so I am starting to be a little more conservative with my requests.

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    Sent out 5 requests in March so far. Hoping to get my first success of March.

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    Just when I thought my mailman wasn't delivering my mail, this happened: Someone else put in letter in a doorway and my mom threw it away thinking it was a spam letter and she told me about it today after she threw the trash out so I had to dig my way during our trash and I found the envelope, it was wet and the content inside was alway wet. So I spent 10 minutes blow dying my photograph which stinks as I thought my mailman was talking my mail. In the end, my new carrier probably put my mail in someone else's mailbox and that someone was nice enough to return it but my mom threw it out anyways...thanks! Picture will be uploaded after it is dry.

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    Wesley Sneijder 2/2 (Agency)
    -A great success from one of the top strikers in the UCL and a great Holland player. Would be better if it wasn't damaged but its better than nothing. If my new mailman misplaces my mail in someone else's box again, I will talk to him but everyone makes mistakes and I hope this is not on going thing. Doesn't look too bad unless you look really close. Also got another 4x6 picture with an autograph in the back, not sure if it is a pre print or authentic. Also a bent but dry.

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    Rafael Nadal 1/1
    -I already have Federer and Murray so it is awesome to get Rafa. I sent a LOR and $4 for postage and he sent a 9x6 picture which he dedicated to me and a nice little message from Rafa. Hopefully, he will be able to regain his momentum because I loved his rivalry with Federer and I remember watching it and alway rooting for Rafa. He sent it back from Spain via registered mail which was nice. It is a pre print picture but he signed it at the bottom. Hoping to add Novak soon!

    Annika Sorenstam 1/1
    -A little bent but it was free so I can't complaint.

    Dan Meeley 1/1
    -Prospect in the Padres organization. Received in a fanpack

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