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    Panini Prime ReMARKable Eric Staal - COMPLETED

    Here it is:

    an interesting anecdote about this set: I contacted Panini directly because a fellow SCF member accurately pointed out that the autograph was not of Eric Staal, but of Ron Francis. Panini's response was this:

    "You are correct that it is Ron Francis’ auto. He signed every player’s jersey the night of his jersey retirement and this is the jersey that was put into the card. The jersey was game worn by Eric Staal."

    I thought this was the coolest part about this set.

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    Congratulations on completing this set. The story about Ron Francis makes it even cooler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mingus_md View Post
    Congratulations on completing this set. The story about Ron Francis makes it even cooler.
    Thanks. I actually didnt think I would be able to do this, considering how rare the cards are, but I just got lucky. I have only seen a couple of the reMARKable sets completed. Have also heard people suggesting that the auto is destroyed because its on 3 cards, but I think its a truly unique set.

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    Very cool - love seeing the puzzle put together!
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    wow, that looks amazing complete. Congrats and love the story behind it too.
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    Wow - that's pretty sweet - and the Ron Francis auto I think just adds to it. Congrats on a great three card set w/ a cool story behind it.

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    Very nice my friend! Looks really nice and the story is probably gonna make it pretty rare. Almost like a 1/1 because how many other sets like this have an auto of someone besides the player on the card? Are you doing the Skinner Draft Day Marks this year at all? I just completed it and didn't think I saw you bidding on them!LOL All in all that is pretty sweet man. Congrats on the awesome set, Brad.
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    This is the sweetest most unique set I have ever seen. It makes me want to try for one.

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