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    Awesome Francis story to go along with it!!

    Nice to see these reMARKable sets completed
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    Quote Originally Posted by pensauto77 View Post
    Very nice my friend! Looks really nice and the story is probably gonna make it pretty rare. Almost like a 1/1 because how many other sets like this have an auto of someone besides the player on the card? Are you doing the Skinner Draft Day Marks this year at all? I just completed it and didn't think I saw you bidding on them!LOL All in all that is pretty sweet man. Congrats on the awesome set, Brad.
    hey Brad - ya, the set is pretty cool, agree. very unique.. and no, i didnt bid on any of the skinner DD marks :) .. i had them in my watch list and almost started bidding, but the last one from this reMARKable set popped up and i only had so much money to play with ! i might try again later if there are still some floating around.. you going to post the set? i would like to see it all put together.. btw too bad skins is concussed, im going to see the canes/jets game tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharkaholic707 View Post
    Wow - that's pretty sweet - and the Ron Francis auto I think just adds to it. Congrats on a great three card set w/ a cool story behind it.
    dude - that sharkaholic nameplate is AWESOME !

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    Very cool! Congrats.
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