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    WTTF: Howden, Ellerby, Huberdeau, any other Florida Panthers prospects...and more!

    Hi everyone,

    It's been a LONG time since I was last around. I won't go into why other than to say that things have been really difficult, and I've not been all that bothered about hockey cards. However, it never really leaves you, and I thought I would put the feelers out to see if anyone had anything I'd like so that I can trade for it instead of buying stuff.

    As the thread title says, I'm particularly after Howden, Huberdeau and Ellerby at the moment, as well as players like Petrovic, McFarland and so on. I've got a lot of sorting to do to work out what I have to trade but I'd be really interested to see what might be around!

    Sorry if you've contacted me in the past and not had a reply - the messages are long gone, but I probably still have whatever you were interested in as nothing's really been touched.
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    I just got a Stephen Weiss Franchise Insert from the 2012 expo numbered 1/5, any interest?
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    Hey, good to see you back! I'm not sure if you were aware, but Ellerby got traded last week :(
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    From the few players you named, I do not have much but this card:
    2010-11 ITG Heroes And Prospects Top Prospects Game Used Jerseys Black #JM09 John McFarland
    Attributes: Mem, S# /100

    But I do have 140 cards from the Florida Panthers:
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    i have a howden auto in itg pm me if interested
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    Have a Panthers' 12/13 Artifacts Rookie Redemption.

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    @miscs5 I'm afraid I'm not really collecting Weiss, but thanks for the offer!

    @Ravens_creedThank you :) Yeah, I was gutted. I've decided to keep collecting him - I like him and his cards aren't terribly expensive.

    @CoolHandLuke I already have the rainbow of those jersey cards - might be interested in your Gudbranson Heirs to the Throne card, though!

    @jeantoss I'll contact you separately...

    @Fleury14 I don't think I've got anything on your want list, sadly.

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