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    2003 SPx Winning Materials Patch Set Completed - Thanks RW34

    Ever since my passion for SPx, one of the first sets I started to chase was the 2003 SPx Winning Materials Patch set. This set has been a slow chase, random cards pop up, some I need, some were upgrades. The second most difficult card in the set was Drew Brees /17. One hit the bay, but with a price I didn't want to pay, because it was his Jsy #, so I let it go, hoping it would be re-listed lower. Well it ended without a buyer and disappeared for six months. When it was re-listed, I snagged it. So for a while now, I have been down to just one card, Jeff Garcia #d /15.

    On January 26th of this year, I received a message from an ebay member:

    I've been reading the Blogs and noticed you have a nice collection of the 2003 Spx football set and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Joe ( chicagojoec) and a big collector of the 2003 Spx set and wanted to ask that if you ever decide to sell your set if you can please contact me first, I would love the opportunity to make an offer before it went to auction

    Thanks for your time

    I respond and let him know that these sets are my passion and probably won't be for sale for some time (barring a catastrophe), and explain some of the cards I am missing (Jeff Garcia).

    He replies, that he has 7 or 8 of the Garcia's....... :o :o :o :o

    But, like me the set is his passion and good luck with my search.

    So, I am thinking, no way in heck will he part with one. We exchange communications for a bit and he still needed for his set: Peyton Manning WM Patch/Au #d /50 or Tom Brady Supreme Auto #d /50. He says, he would trade me one of the Garcia's and cash, if I can locate him one. Oh boy, here we go.

    I begin my search and create threads looking for one of them, search photobucket, do all I do when looking for 264s. Well, I get a post from one of the best Collectors ever ricky williams 34 (Wendy), showing me her Peyton Manning Patch/Auto, but #d 34/50 (a collecting focus of hers too).

    Long story short, Wendy comes up with the idea that I use mine to trade him, I purchase hers for my set, thus keeping the #d 34/50, close at hand, should we find another Peyton Manning to swap back. She is such a smart, awesome, great, giving, insert adjective here friend. Well, I couldn't agree more about this great idea. I was able to ship mine off to Joe, he gave me a choice of five Garcia's to choose from. These type of things is what makes this hobby soooooo great. Collectors helping collectors. She needs to be watching her mailbox...... :p

    So, I did pick up this one to upgrade the single color Rice I had this week too....

    This is the Jeff Garcia that Joe traded me to finish this set......

    The 17 card set all together:

    WMP-BF Brett Favre 59/75 - OZTATAR (Alex)
    WMP-BJ Bryant Johnson 42/75
    WMP-CP Chad Pennington 61/75
    WMP-DB Drew Brees 9/17
    WMP-DC David Carr 51/75
    WMP-DM Donovan McNabb 4/75
    WMP-JG Jeff Garcia 9/15 - chicagojoec (Joe) assist by RW34 (Wendy)
    WMP-JR Jerry Rice 48/75
    WMP-LT LaDainian Tomlinson 12/75
    WMP-MV Michael Vick 61/75
    WMP-PM Peyton Manning 07/75
    WMP-PO Clinton Portis 14/75 - micorps (Tim)
    WMP-RM Randy Moss 53/75
    WMP-RW Ricky Williams 43/75
    WMP-SM Santana Moss 29/47
    WMP-SW Seneca Wallace 55/75
    WMP-TC Tim Couch 07/75

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    Currently 447 in my PC.

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    That is a great looking set and even better story. It's great to see collectors helping collectors. I only hope I can get the same type of help finishing some of my sets.

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    Nice and awesome story love when people help with sets
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    Congratulations Bob. Great to see that you were finally able to put together the set. A great looking set.

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