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    Just made a PC folder check it out Calvin Johnson 1/1, AP 1/1 Steelers

    The Calvin Johnson 1/1 I pulled in 2010 best pull of my life. 2008 Exquisite Black & Gold Set. Adrian Peterson 1/1. would love some feedback
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    Link to your bucket? I would really like to see the Black and Golds.

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    Nathan, they are amazing! Love the Exquisite. Exquisite back when it was...well...exquisite!

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    Thanks man Appreciate it, I know what you mean with the exquisite. I actually got that whole set on ebay I couldn't pass it up, that roethlisberger is so hard to find.

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    I love the Black and Golds. I have all of them but the Roethlisberger. And yes, it is hard to find. Very nice collection you have.

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    I'd love to have those Black and Golds. Nice PC!!

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    Hey thank you guys, I don't really have a set PC but I've always like collecting steelers since I"m from PA, I really like getting the older players sigs off the steelers and I'm trying to get most of their rookies to its a work in process right now

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