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    Updated Bucket. Wilson, Luck,RG3,L.James, Oswieler, A. Morris,Broyles Ect.

    Hey guys,

    I have updated the bucket once again.

    I have some pretty nice stuff in there.

    I will trade from base - high end.

    Let me know what you guys like/wanting. Lets get some more trades done.

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    hey need to clean out your inbox.them i will pm you back.

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    I am interested in your True Blue Tannehill and Unrivaled Marino. LMK what you would want in trade for both of them. Thank you.

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    cmb for the Bruce Irvin Prizm auto! pm if you see anything! Thanks, JK
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    Aknot - PM sent

    Jk - The Irvin is in my gone/traded folder. Sorry about that, let me know if there is anything else you liked.

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