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    Huge Trade/Sell List Looking to Move things!!

    Looking to move these things, will sell or trade, if interested in buying lmk what you like, either make a offer or i can give a price, in trade leave a site or list


    2005 Craig Biggio Diamond Kings Cuts Autograph Jersey/Bat 17/25 #DC-54
    2005 Curtis Thigpen Bowman Sterling Autograph Jersey BS-CT
    2004 Rocco Baldelli SPX Autograph Jersey 395/999 #SS-RB
    2004 Lance Cormier SPX Autograph Jersey Rc 209/799 #174
    2004 Evan Rust SPX Superscripts Autograph #SU-RU
    2000 Tony Alvarez Bowman Draft Autograph
    2000 Tripper Johnson Bowman Draft Autograph

    Game Used
    2006 Timo Perez Topps World Series Championships Bat WSR-TP
    2004 Jorge Posada SPX Winning Materials Dual Jersey WM-JP
    2002 Shawn Green Sweet Spot Swatches Jersey#S-SG
    2002 Doug Mientkiewicz Sweet Spot USA Jersey #USA-DM

    Gold Refractor Rookies/Non Rookies
    2005 Bear Bay Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Rc 23/50 #256
    2005 Brandon Durden Bowman Chrome Draft Gold Refractor Rc 27/50 #BDP80
    2005 Bobby Jenks Bowman Chrome Draft Gold Refractor 01/50 #BDP160
    2004 Ryan Budde Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Rc 43/50 #261
    2003 Tyler Martin Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Rc 086/170 #256
    2003 Carlos Rijo Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Rc 063/170 #293
    2003 Nick Trzesniak Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Rc 032/170
    2003 Dave Krynzel Bowman Chrome Draft Gold Refractor 33/50 #BDP141

    2004 Lincoln Holdzkom SPX Rc 0490/1599 #121
    2004 Orlando Rodriguez SPX Rc 1084/1599 #133
    2002 Brandon Backe Sweet Spot Rc 1256/1300 #114
    2001 Wilson Betemit SP Authentic Rc 1010/1250 #92

    Anaheim Angels:

    Kendry Morales=Reflections
    Joel Peralta=UD Origins Old Junge

    Arizona Diamondbacks:

    Carlos Gonzalez=Topps Update (x2)
    Enrique Gonzalez=Reflections (x2), UD Origins Old Junge (x2), Sweet Spot
    Matt Torra=BDP (x3), BDP Gold (x2)
    Tony Pena=Reflections

    Atlanta Braves:

    Kyle Cofield= BCDP (x3), BDP (x4)
    Brandon Monk=BCDP, BDP (x5), BDP Gold (x2)
    Kevin Barry=Bowman Chrome (x8)
    Cole Armstrong=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x8)
    Chris Vines=TCU Refractor, TCU (x3), Topps Update
    Jeff Lyman=Bowman Sterling, BCDP (x3), BDP (x3), BDP Gold
    Johan Silva=Bowman Chrome (x4), TCU (x5), Topps Update (x2)
    Bill McCarthy=UD Update 189/599, Reflections (x2), Bowman Chrome (x3), UD Origins Old Junge, Sweet Spot
    Luis Hernandez=UD Origins
    Pete Orr=UD Update 114/599

    Baltimore Orioles:

    Lorenzo Scott=Bowman Chrome (x7), TCU (x5), Topps Update (x2)
    C.J. Smith=TCU (x3), Topps Update (x2)
    Hayden Penn=Reflections Purple 58/99, UD Origins

    Boston Red Sox:

    Anibal Sanchez=Reflections, Sweet Spot
    Stefan Baile=Bowman Chrome (x5), TCU (x6), Topps Update (x3)

    Chicago Cubs:

    Buck Coats=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x2), Bowman Gold, Bowman Heritage, Topps Update (x3), TCU (x7)
    Casey McGehee=Bowman Chrome Xfractor 040/225, Bowman Chrome (x5), Bowman, Bowman’s Best Green 425/899, Bowman’s Best, TCU (x5), Topps Update (x2)
    Andy Santana=Bowman Chrome Refractor (x2), Bowman Chrome (x6), TCU Black Refractor 179/250, 170/250 (x2), TCU (x5), Topps Update (x2), Bowman’s Best (x3)
    Kevin Collins=Bowman Chrome (x7), TCU Black Refractor 107/250, TCU Refractor, TCU (x5), Topps Update (x2)
    Chris Walker=Bowman Chrome (x5)
    Bear Bay=Bowman Chrome (x8)
    Jermaine Van Buren=UD Update Silver 056/450, UD Origins Old Junge (x2), Sweet Spot, Reflections
    Geovany Soto=Sweet Spot, Reflections (x3), UD Origins, UD Origins Old Junge, Artifacts Red 06/50
    Michael Billek=BDP, BDP Gold

    Chicago White Sox

    Casey Rogowski=Reflections Blue 55/75, UD Origins Old Junge (x2), UD Origins, Artifacts 382/799, Sweet Spot (x3)
    Mike Spidale=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x5), Bowman, TCU Red Xfractor 03/65, TCU (x5), Topps Update (x2)
    Sean Tracey=Bowman Chrome (x6), TCU Refractor, TCU, Topps Update (x2), Reflections (x3), Sweet Spot
    Brian Miller=TCU (x3), Topps Update (x2)
    Micah Schnurstein=Bowman Chrome (x2), TCU (x5), Topps Update (x2)
    Pedro Lopez=TCU Black Refractor 196/250, TCU, Topps Update (x2), UD Update 244/599, Sweet Spot
    Brandon McCarthy=TCU (x3), Topps Update (x2), Reflections (x4), Sweet Spot (x2), Turkey Red
    Brian Anderson=Bowman Sterling, UD Origins Old Junge (x2)

    Cincinnati Reds

    Jesse Gutierrez=Bowman Chrome (x3), TCU (x3), Topps Update (x2)
    Drew Anderson=Bowman Chrome (x7), Bowman Gold, TCU Refractor, TCU (x3), Topps Update
    Craig Tatum=Bowman Chrome Refractor (x2), Bowman Chrome (x6), TCU (x2), Topps Update (x2), Bowman Heritage
    Thomas Pauly=Bowman Chrome Refractor (x2), Bowman Chrome (x4)
    Zach Ward=BCDP Refractor, BCDP, BDP (x2)

    Cleveland Indians

    Pat Osborn=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x5)

    Colorado Rockies

    Marcos Carvajal=UD Update 367/599, Artifacts Red 40/50, Reflections, Sweet Spot (x3), UD Origins
    Randy Williams=UD Update Silver 168/450, UD Origins Red 68/99, Sweet Spot Silver 05/99, UD Origins Old Junge, Sweet Spot
    Jake Postlewait=TCU (x6), Topps Update (x2), Bowman Gold (x2)
    Mike Esposito=Bowman Chrome (x11), TCU (x5)
    Ryan Speier=Bowman Chrome (x6), Sweet Spot, Sweet Spot Gold 256/399, TCU Black Refractor 088/250, TCU (x4), Topps Update (x3)
    Chaz Roe=BCDP (x3), BDP Gold (x2), BDP (x2)
    Josh Sullivan=BCDP (x4), BDP Gold (x3), BDP
    Christian Colonel=Bowman Chrome (x6)
    Zach Parker=Bowman Chrome (x8)
    Keith Ramsey=Bowman Chrome (x3), Bowman Gold
    Ubaldo Jimenez=UD Update Silver 436/450, Sweet Spot, Artifacts Blue 068/100
    Ryan Spilborghs=Sweet Spot Gold 121/399

    Detroit Tigers

    Jair Jurrjens=Bowman Chrome Xfractor 075/225, Bowman Chrome (x2), TCU (x3), Topps Update (x2)
    Danny Zell=TCU (x6), Topps Update (x2), Bowman Chrome (x4), Bowman Heritage, Bowman Heritage Mini
    Humberto Sanchez=Bowman Chrome Xfractor 038/225, Bowman Chrome (x2), TCU Refractor, TCU (x2), Topps Update
    Eulogio De La Cruz=Bowman Chrome (x3), Bowman's Best Blue 136/499, Bowman's Best (x2)
    Kevin Whelan=BCDP Refractor, BDP Gold, BDP (x4)
    Chris Robinson=BCDP (x4), BDP Gold, BDP
    Mark Woodyard=Sweet Spot, Reflections

    Florida Marlins

    Derek Wathan=Reflections (x2), UD Origins Old Junge (x2), UD Origins, Sweet Spot
    Randy Messenger=UD Update 585/599, Sweet Spot Silver 65/99, UD Origins Red 50/99, UD Origins (x2), Sweet Spot, UD Origins Old Junge
    Cody Allen=BCDP (x3), BDP Gold, BDP (x3)
    Chris Resop=UD Update Gold 145/150, Sweet Spot, Reflections
    Kyle Winters=TCU Refractor, TCU (x5), BDP Gold, BCDP, BDP (x5)
    Sean West=BCDP (x2), BDP Gold (x3), BDP (x4)
    Brett Hayes=BCDP Xfractor 175/250, BCDP Refractor, BCDP (x4), BDP (x2), BDP Gold
    Tony Arnerich=Bowman Chrome Xfractor 214/225, Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x5), TCU (x3), Topps Update (x3)
    Ryan Tucker=BCDP, BDP
    Kris Harvey=BDP

    Kansas City Royals

    Devon Lowery=UD Update 354/599, Reflections, UD Origins Old Junge (x2), UD Origins, Sweet Spot
    Ambiorix Burgos=UD Update Silver 408/450, Sweet Spot Gold 075/399, Artifacts 171/799, Sweet Spot, UD Origins
    Matt Campbell=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x2), Bowman Gold, Bowman's Best (x3)
    Darwinson Salazar=Bowman Chrome Refractor (x2), Bowman Chrome (x5), TCU (x4), Topps Update (x3)
    Darren Fenster=Bowman Chrome Refractor (x2), Bowman Chrome (x5), Topps Cracker Jack
    Erik Cordier=Bowman Chrome
    Kila Kaaihue=Bowman's Best

    Los Angeles Dodgers

    Matthew Kemp=Topps Update (x3)
    Franquelis Osoria=UD Update 363/599, Reflections (x3), Sweet Spot (x2), UD Origins
    Oscar Robles=Artifacts 288/799, Artifacts 487/799, Sweet Spot, UD Origins Old Junge, UD Origins
    Steven Johnson=BCDP (x2), BDP (x3), BDP Gold
    Trayvon Robinson=BCDP (x2), BDP (x2), BDP Gold (x2)
    Heath Totten=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x2), Bowman Gold, TCU (x5), Topps Update (x2)
    Steve Nelson=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x4), TCU (x5), Topps Update (x2)
    Andy Laroche=Topps Chrome
    Josh Bell=BDP Gold

    Milwaukee Brewers

    Luis Pena=UD Update Silver 303/450, Sweet Spot Gold 289/399, Sweet Spot (x2), Reflections (x3), UD Origins Old Junge
    Kenny Durost=Bowman Chrome (x5), Bowman White 049/240, TCU Refractor, TCU (x4), Topps Update (x2)
    Kennard Bibbs=Bowman Chrome (x6), Bowman’s Best (x2), TCU (x4), Topps Update (x3)
    Nelson Cruz=TCU Refractor, TCU (x2), Artifacts Blue 023/100, Artifacts 032/799, Bowman Heritage, UD Origins, Sweet Spot, BCDP (x3), BDP (x6), BDP Gold (x2)
    Hernan Iribarren=Bowman Chrome (x2), TCU (x6), Topps Update (x3), Bowman Heritage

    Minnesota Twins

    Luis Rodriguez=Reflections Blue 13/50, Reflections, UD Origins Old Junge, Sweet Spot (x2)
    Travis Bowyer=UD Update 339/599, UD Origins Old Junge, Sweet Spot
    Adam Harben=Bowman Chrome (x3), TCU (x6), Topps Update (x2), Bowman Gold
    Ricky Barrett=TCU Black Refractor 008/250, TCU Refractor, TCU (x6), Bowman Chrome (x4), Topps Update (x2)
    Frank Mata=Bowman Chrome (x4), TCU (x2), Topps Update (x2)
    Kevin West=Bowman Chrome (x5), Bowman White 006/240, Bowman’s Best Green 403/899, Bowman’s Best (x2)
    Alexander Smit=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x3), Bowman’s Best (x2)
    Paul Kelly=TCU, BCDP, BDP
    Drew Thompson=BDP
    Henry Sanchez=BCDP
    Scott Baker=UD Update 122/599

    New York Mets

    Phil Humber=Absolute, UD Origins, UD Origins Old Junge (x2), Reflections (x3)
    Kole Strayhorn=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x7)
    Jim Burt=Bowman Chrome (x4), Bowman Gold, TCU Black Refractor 055/250, TCU (x4)
    Shawn Bowman=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x3), Bowman Gold
    Matthew Lindstrom=Bowman Chrome (x5), Sweet Spot Gold 225/399, Sweet Spot (x2), Artifacts 301/799

    New York Yankees

    Steven White=Bowman’s Best Green 609/899, Bowman’s Best (x3)
    Erick Abreu=Bowman Chrome (x7), Bowman’s Best (x2)
    Brent Cox=BCDP Refractor, BCDP, BDP Gold (x3), BDP (x4)
    Brett Gardner=BCDP (x3), BDP Gold (x3), BDP

    Oakland Athletics

    Keiichi Yabu=UD Origins, Sweet Spot (x2), Sweet Spot Gold 140/399, Reflections (x2), Bowman’s Best (x2)
    Andre Ethier=Cracker Jack, Cracker Jack Mini

    Philadelphia Phillies

    Eude Brito=Reflections (x4), Sweet Spot (x3)
    Francisco Butto=Reflections Purple 47/99, Reflections (x2), UD Update Silver 315/450, UD Origins, UD Origins Old Junge, Sweet Spot
    Carlos Ruiz=UD Update 444/599, Reflections, UD Origins, Sweet Spot (x3)
    Carlos Carrasco=Bowman Chrome (x4)
    Kelvin Pichardo=TCU (x8), Bowman Chrome (x2), Topps Update (x3)
    Scott Mitchinson=Bowman Chrome Xfractor 177/225, Bowman Chrome (x4), Bowman Gold, TCU (x3), Topps Update (x2), Bowman Heritage
    Mike Costanzo=BCDP, BDP (x2), Topps Update (x2)

    San Diego Padres

    Sean Thompson=Reflections, UD Update Silver 384/450, UD Update 297/599, Sweet Spot
    Cesar Carrillo=Bowman Sterling, Topps Update (x2)
    Peeter Ramos=Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor 027/150, Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x2), Bowman’s Best, Bowman Gold
    George Kottaras=Bowman Chrome (x7), Bowman Chrome Refractor, TCU (x5), Topps Update (x2)
    Chase Headley=BDP (x4), BCDP, BDP Gold (x3)
    Cesar Ramos=BDP (x2), BCDP (x2), BDP Gold
    Josh Geer=BCDP, BDP Gold, BDP (x3)
    Nick Hundley=BDP (x3)

    San Francisco Giants

    Brian Burres=UD Update 384/599, Reflections (x2), UD Origins Old Junge, Sweet Spot
    Pat Misch=Bowman Chrome (x5), Bowman, Bowman Gold
    Jesse Floyd=Bowman Chrome (x4), TCU (x6), Topps Update (x2)
    J.B. Thurmond=Bowman Chrome (x5), TCU (x2), Topps Update (x3)
    Billy Sadler=Bowman Chrome (x2), TCU (x5), Topps Update (x3)
    Scott Munter=Artifacts 447/799, UD Origins, Sweet Spot
    Adam Shabala=Artifacts 329/799, UD Origins, Sweet Spot

    Seattle Mariners

    Wladimir Balentien=Bowman Heritage, UD Origins, Sweet Spot, Bowman Gold
    Brian Schweiger=Bowman Chrome (x5)
    Brandon Moorhead=Bowman’s Best (x2), Topps Update (x3), Bowman Gold, TCU (x10)
    Ryan Feierabend=TCU (x6), Topps Update (x2)
    Matt Rogelstad=Bowman Chrome (x8), Bowman Gold
    Bobby Livingston=Bowman Heritage, Bowman Chrome (x5)
    Dan Santin=TCU (x6), Bowman Chrome (x5), Topps Update (x2)
    Thomas Oldham=Bowman’s Best, Topps Update (x2), TCU (x3), Bowman Chrome
    Mike Morse=TCU (x4), Topps Update (x2), Reflections (x3), Sweet Spot (x3)
    Justin Thomas=BDP Gold, BDP (x4), Bowman Heritage
    Yorman Bazardo=UD Update 150/599, Artifacts 524/799, Topps Chrome, Reflections (x2), Sweet Spot (x2)
    Jorge Campillo=UD Origins, UD Origins Old Junge (x2), Sweet Spot
    Yuniesky Betancourt=UD Origins Old Junge, Sweet Spot (x2)

    Texas Rangers

    Ian Kinsler=Topps Chrome, Bowman Heritage, Topps Cracker Jack SP
    Juan Senreiso=Bowman Chrome (x7), TCU Black Refractor 238/250, TCU (x4), Topps Update (x3), Bowman’s Best (x2)
    Nick Masset=Bowman Chrome (x5), TCU (x5), Artifacts 017/799, Sweet Spot, Topps Update (x2), Bowman’s Best (x2), UD Origins Old Junge (x2), UD Update Silver 298/450, Artifacts 027/799, Sweet Spot Gold 242/399
    Micah Furtado=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x7), TCU Refractor, TCU (x6), Bowman Heritage, Topps Update (x2), Bowman’s Best (x2)
    Ben Harrison=Bowman Chrome (x6), TCU (x4), Topps Update (x3), Bowman’s Best (x3), Bowman Gold
    John Hudgins=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x5)
    Edison Volquez=BDP (x6), BDP Gold (x3)

    Toronto Blue Jays

    John Hattig=UD Update Gold 036/150, UD Update Silver 283/450, Reflections, Sweet Spot
    Davis Romero=Bowman Chrome (x5)
    Ricky Romero=Topps Update (x2), TCU (x2)
    Danny Core=Bowman Chrome (x4)
    Shaun Marcum=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x5), TCU (x5), Topps Update (x2)
    Ismael Ramirez=UD Origins Red 76/99, UD Origins Red 75/99, UD Update 140/599, Artifacts Red 42/50, TCU Refractor, TCU (x5), Bowman Heritage, Topps Update (x3), UD Origins
    Jayce Tingler=Bowman Chrome Refractor, Bowman Chrome (x3), TCU (x4), Topps Update (x3), Bowman White 114/240
    Raul Tablado=UD Origins Old Junge, UD Origins (x2), Sweet Spot, Bowman Chrome (x5)
    Eric Fowler=BCDP (x3), BDP Gold, BDP (x3)
    Eric Nielsen=Bowman’s Best Green 586/899, Cracker Jack
    Miguel Negron=UD Origins Old Junge (x2), UD Origins, Sweet Spot
    Chip Cannon=Cracker Jack

    Washington Nationals

    Frank Diaz=Bowman’s Best Blue 392/499, Bowman’s Best (x3), TCU (x6), Topps Update (x3)
    Ender Chavez=Bowman Chrome (x5)
    Daryl Thompson=Bowman Chrome (x2)


    2005 Chad Owens Bowman Chrome Autograph Rc #247
    2005 Ed Hartwell Topps Turkey Red Autograph #TRA-EH

    2005 Dan Orlovsky Topps Chrome Refractor Rc #232
    2005 Dan Orlovsky Ultra Rc #224
    2005 Kyle Orton Ultra Rc #219
    2005 Alex Smith (QB) Topps Turkey Red Rc (RED VARIATION) #187
    2005 Charlie Frye Topps Turkey Red Rc (WHITE VARIATION) #191
    2005 Eli Manning Topps Turkey Red (GOLD VARIATION) 11/50 #1
    2002 Clinton Portis Topps Chrome Rc #181
    2001 Alge Crumpler Leaf Rookies & Stars Longevity Rc 02/25 #255
    2000 Lavar Arrington MVP Cut Rc #189

    2005 Topps Turkey Red Rookies & SP's:
    #181 Cedric Benson Rc
    #189 Kyle Orton Rc
    #190 Ronnie Brown Rc
    #191 Charlie Frye Rc
    #193 Antrel Rolle Rc
    #202 Ryan Fitzpatrick Rc
    #214 Mark Clayton Rc
    #219 Derrick Johnson Rc
    #221 Aaron Rodgers Rc
    #237 Joe Montana
    #288 John F. Kennedy


    98/99 Ricky Davis SP Authentic Rc 1744/3500 #109

    2005/2006 Topps Chrome Basketball

    2005/2006 Topps Chrome Basketball:

    05/06 Rafael Araujo Topps Chrome Second Unit Gold Refractor Jersey 9/9 #SU-RAR
    05/06 Allen Iverson Topps Chrome Chosen One Jersey 400/400 #CO-AI

    Blue Xfractors:
    05/06 Brandon Robinson Topps Chrome Blue Xfractor Rc 77/90 #241
    05/06 Jamaal Tinsley Topps Chrome Blue Xfractor 69/90 #136

    Gold Refractors:
    05/06 Andre Miller Topps Chrome Gold Refractor 01/99 #76
    05/06 Bobby Simmons Topps Chrome Gold Refractor 87/99 #147
    05/06 Ezra Williams Topps Chrome Gold Refractor Rc 33/99 #256

    Black Refractors:
    05/06 Joey Graham Black Refractor Rc 032/399 #212
    05/06 Darnell Miller Black Refractor Rc 106/399 #224
    05/06 Carmelo Anthony Black Refractor 378/399 #71
    05/06 Stephen Jackson Black Refractor 045/399 #111
    05/06 Tony Allen Black Refractor 132/399 #73

    05/06 Raymond Felton Topps Chrome Refractor Rc 451/999 #176
    05/06 Ersan Ilyasova Topps Chrome Refractor Rc 437/999 #177
    05/06 Harvey Thomas Topps Chrome Refractor Rc 593/999 #242
    05/06 Chuck Hayes Topps Chrome Refractor Rc 599/999 #273
    05/06 John Lucas Topps Chrome Refractor Rc 146/999 #264
    05/06 Andrei Kirilenko Topps Chrome Refractor 138/999 #27
    05/06 Brent Barry Topps Chrome Refractor 441/999 #20
    05/06 Shareef Abdur-Rahim Topps Chrome Refractor 469/999 #149
    05/06 Antawn Jamison Topps Chrome Refractor 393/999 #15
    05/06 Bonzi Wells Topps Chrome Refractor 846/999 #113
    05/06 Marko Jaric Topps Chrome Refractor 041/999 #141
    05/06 Stephen Jackson Topps Chrome Refractor 385/999 #111

    Rookies (NBA):
    #169 Marvin Williams Rc (x2)
    #171 Wayne Simien Rc
    #174 Arvydas Macijauskas Rc
    #175 Linas Kleiza Rc (x2)
    #176 Raymond Felton Rc
    #178 Jarrett Jack Rc (x2)
    #180 David Lee Rc (x2)
    #181 Esteban Batista Rc (x2)
    #183 Francisco Garcia Rc
    #189 Rashad McCants Rc (x2)
    #192 Martell Webster Rc (x2)
    #193 Nate Robinson Rc (x2)
    #194 Daniel Ewing Rc (x2)
    #199 Orien Greene Rc (x2)
    #201 Bracey Wright Rc
    #204 Brandon Bass Rc (x2)
    #205 Martynas Andriuskevicius Rc (x2)
    #206 Channing Frye Rc (x2)
    #208 Luther Head Rc
    #210 Andrew Bogut Rc (x2)
    #211 Gerald Green Rc
    #213 Louis Williams Rc (x2)
    #215 Monta Ellis Rc (x2)

    Rookies (Celebs):
    #217 Jay-Z Rc (x2)
    #219 Carmen Electra Rc (x2)

    Rookies (Other):
    #221 Joe Shipp Rc
    #223 Will Conroy Rc
    #224 Darnell Miller Rc (x2)
    #225 Will Bynum Rc
    #226 Jamar Smith Rc
    #227 Majic Dorsey Rc (x2)
    #229 Hiram Fuller Rc
    #231 Clay Tucker Rc
    #232 George Leach Rc
    #233 Marcus Douthit Rc (x2)
    #234 Carlos Hurt Rc
    #235 Seamus Boxley Rc
    #236 Ramel Curry Rc
    #237 Andreas Glyniadakis Rc
    #240 Chris Shumate Rc
    #242 Harvey Thomas Rc
    #245 Robb Dryden Rc
    #246 Nate Daniels Rc
    #248 Anthony Terrell Rc
    #250 Kevin Owens Rc
    #251 Myron Allen Rc
    #252 Deji Akindele Rc
    #254 Mike King Rc
    #255 Otis George Rc
    #256 Ezra Williams Rc
    #257 Anthony Wilkins Rc
    #258 Scott Merritt Rc
    #259 Seth Doliboa Rc
    #261 Malik Moore Rc
    #262 Randall Orr Rc
    #264 John Lucas Rc
    #266 Isiah Victor Rc (x2)
    #267 Roderick Riley Rc
    #268 Bernard King Rc
    #269 E.J. Rowland Rc
    #272 Keith Langford Rc
    #273 Chuck Hayes Rc

    Base Cards:
    3(x2),4,5,6(x2),10(x2),13(x2),15(x2),24,25(x2),27( x2),29,31,33,34,37,38,40,41(x2),43(x2),44,45,46,49 ,52(x2 ),56,63,70,71,73(x2),79,80,83,86(x2),88(x2),89,93( x2),94(x2),96(x 2),97,98,103,105,106(x2),108,109,110(x2),111,119(x 2),120,121,123( x2),126(x2),128,129,136(x2),140(x2),142,146(x2),14 9,153(x2),154,1 58,159
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    How much for the Backe RC?
    or the Backe and AI JERSEY if you still have it...

    Kyle Whileyman

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    HOw about the Daniel Ewing Rookies
    **Selling Everything But PC......
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