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    Yikes!!! Anything suspicious with this auction?

    Reggie White 2012 Prizm Gold serial numbered to 10 (no auto/no GU) goes for $252!!!!! Thats about 40 dollars higher than his autographs sell for! Check out the bids!

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    Nope, that is a legit sale. Prizm gold cards are on absolute fire.

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    I know they're the hot card ... just how quick it got to that price set off alarm bells, winner with private feedback only bidding twice in the last 30 days, both on the same auction and the card going from 20 to 292 dollars in 4 bids. Can't prove its a shill, but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck

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    Not 100% sure that someone shilled that auction, but the bidding is suspicious.

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    Man I am glad non of my guys are in that product. Ouch....
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    Will be interesting to see if feedback is left by either side. None thus far.

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    Probably real . Gold s sell real well
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    I don't think the guy with private feedback shilled the auction either. The golds all sell really well.

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