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Thread: 2012 Contenders NEEDS list

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmurray928 View Post
    Got the Burris for $10 dlvd if you need, thanks. Presumably the variation with no draft stats on back.
    Fine with me. Go ahead and post it up and I'll get you paid assuming you still own this. I'll pm you to be thorough.
    The painting was a gift, Todd. I'm taking it with me.
    If you get an error that you're on my ignore list, it's due to the fact that you don't have the courtesy to reply to PMs.

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    I have the Wilson Redemption
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    Mainly Looking for- Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, Sixers, Lebron, Allen Iverson, Robert Griffin III, Marcus Mariota, Deandre Hopkins and Emmanuel Sanders.

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    I have the Derek Wolfe and Lance Dunbar Rookie Ticket Autos,both redemptions,make me an offer for the two.

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    I have the T.Y. Hilton auto if you need it (redemption)
    Always collecting Indy Colts, Peyton Manning (in colts or UT jersey), Current Chicago Blackhawks, Kobe Bryant, and all types of memorabilia.
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