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Thread: Needs to finish Topps 2012

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    Needs to finish Topps 2012

    I need the following to complete my set:

    7 Rashard Mendenhall
    105 Knowshon Moreno
    147 Detroit Lions
    157 Kam Chancellor
    216 Cincinnati Bengals
    349 Chris Ivory
    440 Tom Brady
    Also any inserts that I don't have

    I have lots of doubles of base and inserts that I want to trade. PM me or post with any info or offers. Thank you.
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    Hey bud, I have all your needs except, 147,216,273,289,349,440. Just looking for a few RC of the higher class. 26 cards for whatever you think for rookies. Thanks. Also noticed you needed some inserts. LMK on those as well.
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    My main wants are Chiefs, Vikings, and Twins. Also like Torrey Smith and Matt Forte. I mainly like to trade by BV.
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    Do you have any Captain Patch cards? I can help you on almost all that you listed...

    Collecting: Dallas Cowboys Gold Parallels From '91-Present,
    Cowboys Topps Finest Refractor Base From 1994-2001, Cowboys Mugs, Cola Bottles/Cans
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    Have these for ya, #65 Mcnutt 214 Pierce 289 Martin. Just PM me your address and I'll mail them to you. One "rookie" to another. wish I could have helped more.

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    Updated list. Would love to complete this and then start on 2013!

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    Hey Chris!! Well Buddy I Have ALL That Ya Need. LMK Also What Insert's Ya Still Need Cause I Have Quite A Few.


    LMK If Ya Have Any Card's Of These Players & If Ya Don't Just Looking For Insert's Of Other Star Players That Would Make Good Tradebait.

    Peyton Manning
    Andrew Luck
    Dwayne Allen
    T.Y. Hilton
    Coby Fleener
    Bjoern Werner RC's
    Eli Manning (For A Good Trader Friend Of Mine)

    Thanks, John

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