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Thread: WTTF Swedish players

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    WTTF Swedish players

    I need a big lot of Swedish players' cards. Would listen to any offer but be prepared that I already have thousands.
    No dupes, nothing above 40 USD/card.
    At least 75 USD BV lot but I would trade for a lot of up to 300 USD BV if we can agree.

    Please send offers in PM with BVs and what you'd ask for.

    I don't really have any cards for trade from the past few years, but lmk what you'd need. My tradelist is somewhat up-to-date, and I have some Pens and Slovak players cards, which are not on the list.


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    If you have thousands of cards already wouldn't it be a good idea to maybe list what you have or what you are looking for so that others don't look through thousands of cards they have to find out that you already have them. I have thousands of cards so for me to look through all and try and guess whether you need them or not is time consuming. It's fine if I only had 10 cards. Just my opinion.

    I think it lowers the number of people who would trade with you. This meant to be a helpful thought.

    Cheers Mike
    hi all

    Looking for auto's of retired players first and their rookie cards.All other auto's I don't have come after that.Also collect the YG's from each year.

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    Your website says you're looking for base of rangers and Swedish players. Is this still true?
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    color codes: yellow/blue/green= incoming or pending/do not need
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    No, sorry. Just the Swedish stuff this time. I'll try to update at least that on my tradepage.

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    Well thanks for the advice, but I don't list cards in order not to make the "dirty work" done by the traders. If they list the cards they have, they don't have to compare them to my list, which saves time for them.
    Thanks again though.

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